What is chamoy candy?

  • Candy coated with chamoy sauce and covered in chili powder (we do not use Tajin). We would describe chamoy candy as sweet and tangy with a little bit of spice. We offer a mild/medium chamoy option and a spicy chamoy option.

What is pickle candy?

  • Candy coated with chamoy sauce and covered in pickle powder. Our pickle candy has a dill pickle flavor that is a little bit sour. 

What flavors do you offer?

  • Chile- mild, tangy, and sweet chile seasoning
  • Chile 2.0- mild, sweet, and sour chile seasoning
  • Spicy Chile- spicy, tangy, and sweet chile seasoning
  • Pickle- tangy, sweet, and sour dill pickle seasoning 

What is the shelf life of the candy?

  • Chamoy candies & pickle candies have a shelf life of 60 days. You can place your candies in the refrigerator to extend the shelf life. 

Should I order if I have an allergy?

  • We do not recommend that anyone with a food allergy order our candies. We can not guarantee that all of our candies are allergy friendly.